Why Does Everyone Have a Man Accept You?

Hated ItWe are so tired of bitches complaining about the lack of good men in the world.  You claim you want love, but you keep falling for the same good looking, no account, who comes along.  It’s way too many beautiful women who are single.  We personally think good guys are overshadowed by cheaters, and pimps.  Are you wasting your time with a man who belongs to someone else?

Please.  Take off your parents’ bifocal glasses, and personal opinions.  Place physical appearance, and financial income at the bottom of your criteria.  You’re too old to be holding out on a beautiful man, with chiseled abs, and a high paying executive job.  If you REALLY want true love, it’s time to think outside the box.  Take for example this Los Angeles craigslist ad we stumbled across:

I’m looking for a woman with a sweet disposition, a warm demeanor and a positive outlook on life. I am looking for an arrangement in which I can take you out on wonderful dates in Los Angeles and we can check out all kinds of different restaurants and entertainment such as plays, musicals, dance performances, concerts or comedy clubs. Perhaps we can even spend a Sunday afternoon together starting off with Brunch followed by a trip to a local museum or your favorite book store.

First of all, I am NOT after sex, there are plenty of professional women who provide service that directly. Instead, when I spend time with you I would very much like to hold your hand and just cuddle/snuggle up with you. Yes, I know it sounds super-corny and super-cheesy but I am seeking an arrangement that is fun, friendly and doesn’t feel like a transaction. I want a woman who can give me something else besides sex, I am looking for a woman to give me her warmth, her energy and her companionship. I will return the gesture by being a complete gentlemen and I will not infringe upon your personal life and I will treat you with respect. I am looking for a woman who can help me forget about the stresses of the work week and provide me some much needed respite. If you can see yourself in an arrangement by going on wonderful dates with a mature college educated corporate professional who is built like a teddy bear, let me know when you are free to meet up for coffee so we can meet each other face to face and find out if we click.

Here some additional Information about me:
Age: 37
Height: 5’10
Weight: Fluffy
Ethnicity: Indian from India, raised in the United States
Education: UCLA
Profession: Corporate Recruiter/Headhunter
Location: Culver City
Likes: Books, Jazz, Basketball, Comedy Clubs, Movies/Films
Favorite Cuisines: Japanese, Middle Eastern, Indian, Korean BBQ & American BBQ

Finally I haven’t attached a pictures of myself, because I would be very embarrassed if any of my friends, co-workers or family members saw me posting something like this, but I am willing to exchange pics with you if you express interest.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I look forward to hearing from you.

Would you date this man for $100 a day?