Why Does Vin Diesel Refuse To Eat And Exercise?

We never know when we’ll say our last goodbye.  Nobody feels the pain these days like Vin Diesel.  He regrets all the childish beef he initiated with Paul Walker on the Fast And Furious set.  It’s no secret that the two co-stars fought like Al, and Peggy.  Insiders claim the long days on set were filled with insults, and ego tripping.  Walker’s death shocked the world, and Tila Tequila  swore he was murdered by the Illuminati.

A source revealed the details to Enquirer, “Vin is shattered over Paul’s death.  He’s broken down in tears several times, and says he wishes Paul would just walk in the door, tell him this was all a bad dream, and forgive him.  Vin has told friends he hates himself for  feuding with Paul and feels terribly guilty about how he treated Paul when he was alive.”


Sources say Vin constantly bullied Walker, and embarrassed him in front of the crew.  Back in 2009, they played ‘big bank takes little bank’.  They beefed over Fast And Furious 4 financial payouts.  Vin Diesel won, and got $60 million, while Paul Walker received a measly $40 million.  Which means Tyrese received maybe $100…

So now Vin is all sad, forgetting to drink his muscle milk and work out.  He’s going around Hollyweird telling everybody they were ‘like brothers’, but that’s bull.  Then again, siblings do fight and compete.  What do you think?