Why Leonardo DiCaprio Will Never Win An Oscar – Wolf Of Wallstreet

Martin Scorsese is begging Leonardo DiCaprio to sit his little drunk, punk ass, down.  George Clooney called DiCaprio a clown for hanging out with Hollywood groupies, and refusing to stay sober.  Bar Rafaeli, and Gisele Bundchen dumped him for a reason.

DiCaprio sold his ritzy Malibu Beach compound for a staggering $17.35 million- the same amount of women he’s forked in the oceanfront dream house.  The Great Gatsby man candy isn’t worried about Clooney.  He used the cash from his home sale to wipe his ass.  Leo is wondering why he can’t win a freaking Oscar award, like his less talented frenemies.

They call him The Wolf of Wallstreet for a reason.  Leo DiCaprio has a jail-bird brother, Adam Farrar.  Even though Leo has more cash than Oprah, he refuses to help his family out.  Adam is struggling with a nasty heroin habit now, but he’s the reason Leo is even in showbiz.  Adam Farrar starred in Eight is Enough, and Battlestar Galatica.  

Leo Dicaprio is worth millions of dollars, and has worldwide fame and success.  Not to mention, DiCaprio doesn’t have a squeaky clean reputation himself.  That’s why he doesn’t have an Oscar.  Leo forgot where he came from.  Adam has a daughter suffering, because Leo is too busy eating with people who didn’t starve with him.  What do you think?