Why Kerry Washington Wants A Divorce

Hollywood can’t get enough of Kerry Washington’s real life Scandal.  Rumors are buzzing that it’s trouble in paradise already.  Although Kerry Washington is pregnant, she refuses to lose the slot she freaked so hard for.  Her husband, Nnamdi Asomugha, is broke now.  The NFL decided to let him go.  So he’s been spending all his extra time nagging Washington to pieces.

Kerry is 36, and at the peak of her career.  However, her ambition, and obsession with Hollywood is driving a wedge between the newlywed couple.  Nnamdi is complaining how Kerry makes plenty of time for promoting her show, charities, and A list events, but never makes time for him.  Instead of relaxing during the holiday season, and show’s hiatus, Washington turned up.  She spent Christmas, and New Years fashion consulting, and hustling Neutrogena.

What would you do if you were in Kerry’s shoes?  Chase your dreams, or nurture your marriage?  More so, if Kerry is so busy, who will raise this kid if she decides on a divorce?