Widower Visited Wife Grave For 20 Years Until He Died

A man who sat at his wife’s grave for almost 20 years through storms, heatwaves and howling winds from dawn to dusk has died.

“She is part of me, so here I am whole,” he then told the Boston Globe.

“Being here makes me feel better. Not good, but better. I do it for Julita, and for myself.”

Julita and Rocky Abalsamo.

He sat beside his wife’s grave in a blue beach chair, calling out, “I am here”, when he sat down.

On her birthday each year he would toast her with a glass of cider.

Every night he left, Rocky would rub his finger on her name on the red granite stone. The ritual left an indelible mark.

He always carried a photograph of his wife. On the back of the image, Julita had written: “Today the sky smiles to me. I see you. You look at me. Today I believe in God. With all my love, Julita.”

The New Zealand Harald