Will Beyonce Be Next To Join Scientology?

Beyonce is pushing her Drunk In Love booty pads, and Tom Ford wigs all over Hollyweird.  She slaughtered the game with her self  titled 5th studio album.  The world was forced to Bow Down, and things haven’t been quite the same every since.  Blue Ivy, a certified rock star in her own right, could not slow Queen B down.


We’re uncertain if Beyonce has vitiligo, but from far away she resembles a white woman.  Anywho, word on the streets says that Beyonce and her mother, Tina Knowles have been battling it out.  She’s already on quakey grounds with her dad, and now her mom’s new man is trying to win her approval.  So far, it is not working.

Beyonce played Dance Dance Revolution at Dave & Buster's in NYC at her album release party on Thursday, Dec. 19.

Embodying the nickname ‘Queen B’, Beyonce slammed her mother for choosing Richard Lawson to be her next step-dad.  Richard is a cool actor, but there just one problem.  Lawson is a bonafied Scientologist.

Star Magazine

“Beyonce doesn’t want to see her mother affiliated with the organization at all. Beyonce has expressed her concerns and Tina doesn’t want to hear it.”

“He’s a nice enough guy, but she’s freaked out by his association with Scientology. Beyonce is worried her mother will get sucked into the cultish religion. But mama Knowles doesn’t want to hear it. Tina did not take kindly to her daughter micromanaging her love life.”

Beyonce, and her mother are super close.  She even featured Tina in her Grown Woman video.  Who will win this battle?  Beyonce is pretending to be freaked out by the thought of Scientology, but we all know she’s a social climber. 

See… look at her kissing Madonna’s daughter, Mercy James!

Beyonce Knowles kisses Maddona's daughter Mercy James during concert