Will Blac Chyna Cook For Food Network?

It’s creepy how Kris Jenner pulled the plug on Blac Chyna’s  reality show starring Amber Rose.  Fans are sick of the Kardashians.  We were holding our breath to see them legging clad cakes bounce around Burbank.  Blac Chyna slayed in Future’s Rich Sex video.  Chyna still feels the sting from Kim Kardashian’s fake friendship, and her baby daddy (Tyga) relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Blac Chyna is a college educated stripper turned celebrity.  She earns significant cash through her social media accounts and club appearances.  She’s grown exhausted with being labeled a showbiz prostitute and whore.  That’s why she skipped Amber’s Slut Walk.  Blac Chyna hopes to get wifed up in 2016.  Her poochie is tired and worn.

Fans are using social media to express delight for Blac Chyna’s SNAPCHAT cooking videos.  Kris Jenner is so offended by Chyna’s friendship with Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose.  Will the Food Network take Blac Chyna’s cooking seriously.  Should Blac Chyna connect with Aunt Fee?

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