Will Hillary Clinton Die When Grandchild Is Born ?

Various media outlets predict Hillary is dying.  Being a new grandma, and top candidate for 2016 U.S. President has taken it’s toll on Hillary Clinton.  She’s emptied herself of physique, zest, and energy. Fighting Bill Clinton’s groupies, and raising Chelsea drained her dry.

Washington insiders have a White House seat with Billary’s name on it.  Sadly, the former First Lady, diplomat, and politician is suffering, from a mystery illness that some suspect may be cancer.  In 2005 Hillary fainted while giving a speech in Buffao, NY.  The government called it a stomach virus.  She slipped and broke her elbow in 2009, and nearly fell off a boarding plane in 2011.  Ray Charles can see Hillary is very tired.

Despite Clinton’s dizzy spells, weight gain, and black outs- she is determined to be the first female president of the United States.  Barack Obama snatched her opportunity years ago.  The campaign trail will be grueling.  Chelsea Clinton, her baby, and her health will just have to wait.  Doctors claim running for president could actually kill  Hillary.