Will Smith And Kris Jenner Are Fighting


Will Smith is still pretending he is not married.  Jada Pinkett Smith’s wish for a divorce will just end in a dirt nap.  Jaden’s showmance with Kylie Jenner is what unexpectedly bought the couple back together.  Will and Jada thought it was cute at first.  They shoveled Willow and Jaden Smith into the limelight, and even encouraged their friendship with Justin Bieber.

Will Smith doesn’t appreciate Kris Jenner  using his kid.  She’s a fame monster.  Nobody on the planet trusts, or respects Kris.  Since Kylie and Jaden live close, Jaden is always away from home visiting.  Is it a mere coincidence that Kendall Jenner dates Harry Styles, and Kim Kardashian settled for Kanye West?  Will, and Jada fear Jenner is using Jaden for more time in the spotlight.    Could they have a point?  In the matter of one week Kylie Jenner smashed Cody Simpson, Austin Carter, and Lil Twist.