Will Wiz Khalifa Make Another Ho a Housewife?

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Word on the street claims Wiz Khalifia’s cock is WAY larger than Kanye’s. Both Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian share the same whorish birthday for a reason. Kimye’s showmance is crumbling like a burnt cookie. That’s what Ye gets for dumping Amber Rose for Kim Kardashian. Amber tried convincing fans she had her first threesome recently on her thirsty Loveline podcast with Dr. Donaghue.

“We kinda just got together it was a guy and a girl and it was f**king horrible,’ Amber admitted to her co-host.
“It was the worst. It was horrible. I am literally having sleepless nights,’ she said regarding the experience.
“I felt the pressure, getting older, to experience new things and I did it against my better judgment because I talk about sex a lot,” she said.

She then added in a joke about baby daddy Wiz Khalifia:

“You know maybe I will call my baby daddy tonight!”

Wiz feelings were super hurt. He was totally embarrassed.



“If I were to say I f***d two b***s last week and it was wack. I think I’ma just call my baby’s mom, would you feel flattered?”

But one fan clapped back and suggested forking with Amber was Wiz fault. Is Khalifia and Kanye guilty of turning whores into housewives?

at the end of the day he CHOSE a former strippér, openly bi, self proclaimed “proud slút”, Kardashian worshipping chick as his Wife and the Mother of his Child. The bottom line is he wanted a “Proud Ślut” for a Wife & child’s mother, so he just has to deal with it for the next 18 years. Dont buy a dog and complains when it barks, dont wife a self professed “proud slút” and get mad when she goes on national tv telling the world you put jízz on her face & says she likes when guys do that, has 3 somes, and takes multiple on pics in bed with a dude under the sheets on Twitter– only to get dumped a month later by same dude..Men always complain that women love thugś, chile please–alot of these men cant wait to marry some “proud slút/former strippér” soon as they make their millions.

What do you think?