Woman Lay Dead In Apartment For 3 Years With Television On

For three years her body lay in her apartment, all alone, with the television still on.  She was surrounded by Christmas gifts—it appeared that she was still in the midst of wrapping them.  But yet, this young lady lay dead without anyone noticing or caring about her whereabouts.


Joyce Carol Vincent was only 38 years old when she apparently passed away, and 41 years old when her remains were finally found laying on her living room sofa.  Her body was so badly decomposed that the reason of death could not be determined. She was identified from dental records.

And yet no one checked on her for three whole years.

Her body was finally discovered after Building Officials invaded her home on a repossession order.  The year was 2006 when they finally took possession of her place.  Once they entered into the apartment, a pile of mail greeted them in the front entrance and the apartment was covered with spider webs from the ceiling to the floor.

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