Woman Locks Her Kid In A Cage Because Her Boyfriend Didn’t Like Him

Jena Harman must have been smoking rocks with her lover, Alexander Smith, when they decided to cage her 7 year old kid.  The cage simply contained a cot, and bucket for a bathroom.  Laramie, Wyoming police were horrified to discover Harman’s baby with a toothbrush, toothpaste, books, and piss bucket.  The cage was 6X5  intended for animals.  Reports suggest the child ate once a day, if his mom remembered.  He told police he was kicked by his mom and step father, and sprayed with a hose.  Jena didn’t even bring the child inside during rainstorms.  Jena tried explaining saying he “was constantly doing bad things.”  Smith admitted to not liking the child, and felt the “playpen” kept him safe.  Thankfully this child was rescued, but they are countless others who aren’t so fortunate.  His parents were first reported way last year.  They’re both facing 20 years in the slammer.