Woodlands Texas Couple Gives Generous Tip & Prayer For Struggling Waitress

From Paige Valles in The Woodlands: “I’m posting this in hope it gets back to this wonderful couple. You came to Chilis in The Woodlands tonight and my name is Paige and I was your server you had asked me how my day was going and I told you honestly that it was going bad cause of my family member Y’all were a wonderful table and at the end y’all asked to pray for me so I sat down and y’all prayed for me. I cried and cried feeling overwhelmed with joy cause y’all gave me faith again. I later looked at the tip y’all left me of 50$ on a 25$ tab and cried even more at you intense generosity. I’m really hoping if enough people share this it will get back to them. If so please contact me! This happened in December 5,2015.”