Would You Buy Sushi From A Vending Machine ?

If being pummeled by homeless people, Kush dispensaries, and weirdos, isn’t your thing – we get it.  That’s why we’ve dumped millions into renovating Hollywood’s streets.  We need you to keep visiting.  Showbiz executives slapped Gucci vending machines up, that happen to sell cupcakes, and caviar.  Move over Mel’s Drive In-  it’s a new Disney twerker in town.


Sprinkles Cupcakes is installing its “Cupcake ATM” at all 16 bakeries around the country. L’Oreal tested a vending machine in New York during the holidays that scanned a shopper’s outfit and recommended complementary makeup. San Francisco start-up Momentum Machines is making a device that cooks up customized burgers with no help from human hands. – LATimes

We’ve seen our friends eat food from a food truck.  Would you eat sushi from a vending machine?