Writer Gay Activist Larry Kramer Threatens Showbiz Tell All Book – Video

Larry Kramer, a Hollyweird gay rights activist, is threatening a Faggots tell all book.  Larry Kramer: In Love an Anger, details the terrifying early days of the AIDS epidemic.  Jean Carlomusto sold the documentary for nickels at the Sundance Film Festival to HBO.  Kramer is secretly dissatisfied  with his life’s portrayal.  The Normal Heart feels showbiz should have promoted the subject matter to encourage self love to today’s generation.  A long time AIDS survivor molested by his uncle at a very young age, Kramer told LA Times how he really feels about Tinseltown’s thoughts on the LGBT community. The American People, Volume 1: Search for My Heart wasn’t celebrated like Kim Kardashian’s Selfish.  That’s why Volume 2 is threatening to snatch everyone in San Fernando Valley out from the closet.

“Why aren’t we teaching gay history?” he asked. “You should know that Abraham Lincoln was gay, George Washington was gay, Mark Twain — all these other people I say are gay are gay. We should be studying how to academically prove that instead of saying, ‘Oh, he’s made all this up.'”

“The straight critics hate the book, and the gay critics have been very positive,” he said.  “I’ve never, ever had a good review in the New York Times of anything I’ve ever done.”

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In the frightening early days, AIDS was considered ‘gay cancer’.  Larry helped found Gay Men’s Health Crisis.  He was kicked out of ACT UP for being too passionate, and outspoken. Kramer channeled his outrage over the government’s shockingly lackluster response to the AIDS epidemic.  It’s a scathing tell-all aimed at Hollywood’s most beautiful, talented, and sometimes married, celebrities.  Although Larry Kramer is almost as old as Nancy Reagan, the writer, activist, is still organizing and protesting.  What made him turn into a crusader?

“Everyone says you should be so happy we’ve come so far,” he said when discussing same-sex marriage. “I don’t think we’ve come so far. People are still being attacked all over the country. Michelangelo Signorile has just written a book in which he says, ‘They still hate us out there, fellows, so let’s not rest on our laurels.’ My book takes a cumulative look at how badly we’ve been treated over the centuries. This gets built into the genetic being of all gay people, who don’t have the pride they should.”

“We just discovered how little actual research the government has been doing,” he said. “We had been led to think otherwise. The money that has been voted to NIH [National Institutes of Health] for AIDS research has been held up. The people who hate us in Congress don’t want it spent for research. The drug companies, which have created a big market with anti-HIV drugs, have no motivation to find a cure. This plague has been with us for 35 years — that’s a long time. I think that’s genocide.”

Check out the Stonewall trailer below. Let us know who will be shamed in Larry Kramer’s tell all book  in the comments.