#AlfredsJourney – first person to ever represent themselves successfully at their own jury trial in Tampa Florida After Cops Set Him Up #BlackLivesMatter

On August 26th, 1994 I was wrongfully shot by a white Ft.Pierce, Florida bailesbondsman and repeatedly beaten by two white sheriff deputies during my wrongful arrest. After being arrested, I was wrongfully charged and convicted of two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, two counts of resisting arrest with violence and one count of running / fleeing. Due to the fact that I couldn’t afford to hire a paid attorney, just like so many other poor African Americans, I was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to fourty years in prison for crimes that I didn’t commit. After arriving to prison, I immediately begin educating myself in the law and I eventually became a certified law clerk. On October 27th, 08 I was released from prison after serving fourteen years and nine months for some crimes that I didn’t commit. Ever since my release, I’ve been making much positive progress. I’ve written a total of four books. Including an autobiography about my life titled ” Alfredsjourney ” and three books of poetry. I’ve also written two movie scripts during my incarceration. I’ve had multiple book signings in Florida and in Georgia as well. I’m currently a member of the Atlanta Film Makers Alliance / Meetup. On September 23rd, 12 I actually had the opportunity to be an extra in the movie / film called ” Hummingbird “. On November 29th, 11 I traveled abroad to Sweden and spoke to college and high school students about the power of a positive mind-set. (see photos on my website:www.alfredsjourney.com).
I’m just reaching out because I want the world to know about the Injustices that were done to me. – Alfred Perry