#XFactorUK Dissed Robert Pattinson Sister But Wait

We were super shocked when we realized Robert Pattinson had two beautiful sisters.  The Twilight hunk was devastated, and scared when Lizzy Pattinson decided to audition for X-Factor.  Fka Twigs‘ rehab regular told Grazia Daily he was “ridiculously proud of her.”  Most of us are afraid to speak in the public, but Lizzy is a star.

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“I would never have the balls to do that, ever, in a million years,” Rob admitted. “I can’t believe she’s done it. So, it’s amazing.”  Despite her Hollyweird connections, and stunning genetics, X-Factor booted her ass off with the quickness!  Don’t worry.  These aren’t talent-less Kardashians.  An Interscope music executive recognized Lizzy’s talents.  Sources connected with the network explained.

“Lizzy definitely has an it factor.  We’ve paired Pattinson with an agent.  Lizzy is pondering over numerous record deals on the table for her.”  Here’s her audition video, in case you think Robert is the reason for her musical success.