YG vs Def Jam #RedFriday

“WTF? Red Friday Leaked?” wrote YG on Twitter. “On Piru I hate DEF JAM. Always fukkin my shitt up.”   After that, he simply tweeted, “FUCK DEF JAM.”

YG has the hottest songs on southern California’s urban radio stations.  He thought it was a brazy idea to stunt like Nipsey Hussle, and follow the #Proud2Pay movement.  Limited edition, signed copies, were intended to be sold for $100.00 each.  Greedy Def Jam, decided to leak the tape for profit. Users quickly posted  it on YouTube.  Is the industry designed to keep artist in debt?  Remember Prince decade long fight with Warner Bros? Would you drop $100.00 on a YG mixtape? Why does a rapper with a million radio spins, signed to a top music label, have to turn tricks for $100,000.00.

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