#YogaHosers Put Johnny Depp Back In Rehab

Johnny Depp is regretting  shoving  his daughter in showbizness.  Hollyweird is no place for a beautiful,young, celebrity spawn.  Depp fears that Lily- Rose may end up Miley Cyrus.  She’s already hanging out after set, and giggling with directors and camera men.  Johnny Depp was stoned when he pressured Tinseltown execs to cast his only daughter in Yoga Hosers.

Lily-Rose Depp’s character for Yoga Hoses was introduced in part 1- Tusk.  She played a dutiful clerk at a Manitoba gas station.

In Kevin Smith’s followup, the girls will play teenage yoga nuts who have an after-school job working at a store called “Eh-2-Zed.” They get a big invitation to a 12th-grade party but have to put their plans on hold when an ancient evil rises from beneath Canada’s crust. According to THR, the two must join forces with a legendary manhunter from Montreal named Guy Lapointe, played by Johnny Depp. – IBTImes

Vanessa Paradis supports her daughter’s dreams, but not her husband’s child like fiance, Amber Heard.  Meanwhile, Guy LaPointe is quietly seeking treatment at a druggie rehab center.    Why is Johnny so depressed?  He owns half of Hollywood, and his new girl is 4 years older than his daughter.  Depp’s booked through 3005.  What’s his deal?