Young Couple Accidentally Commits Suicide – Car Sex

Jorge Rodriguez, 24, and his girlfriend Melissa Pereira, 25, were last seen leaving her home in Wayne, New Jersey, on Dec. 27

A young couple are believed to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning after parking their car in a garage for some ‘hanky panky’, it was revealed today.

The bodies of Melissa Pereira, 25, and Jorge Rodriguez, 24, were found on Sunday, three weeks after they mysteriously disappeared on their way to a romantic break to celebrate their anniversary at a Pennsylvania bed and breakfast on December 27.

On the day they were last seen Melissa and Jorge stocked up on Campbell’s soup at Kmart and ate at Burger King before they went out for the late night drive, family members said.

‘They had plans to go on the trip,’ Pereira’s uncle Sham Bacchus told MailOnline. ‘This is too much, she and Jorge had their whole lives ahead of them.’

Then on Sunday, detectives descended on garage number 55 inside the Wayne Village Apartment complex in New Jersey.

Inside the 10-by-12-foot structure were the lovers’ lifeless bodies slumped over the front seats of Rodrigeuz’s white Honda Prelude, the gas tank empty, the battery dead.

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