Young Jeezy Illuminati Induction – Holy Ghost – Video


Did the senseless slaying of entertainment promoter, Eric Johnson, have anything to do with the success of  Seen It All: The  Autobiography?  Eric was shot 5 times at point blank range while working backstage.  Hip Hop Cops suspect  an inside job.  Coincidentally, Young Jeezy and his crew (including the bus driver), were busted with an assault rifle.  Wiz Khalifa claims he doesn’t know anything.  The Snowman is under scrutiny.  Law enforcement, and  Illuminati conspiracy theorist, can’t help but wonder.  How did Jeezy get out of jail so quickly?  We’ve heard about the showbiz industry’s pressures to ‘sacrifice’ for the in-crowd.  If this is Young Jeezy’ biggest selling album yet…you, and I know what’s going on.  Meanwhile, peep his new heater featuring Kendrick Lamar- Holy Ghost.  He admits ‘selling his soul’.  We won’t mention the album’s artwork.