Young Thug Fiancee Jerrika Karlae Ain’t Loyal


Jerricka Karlae callous itching under her feet.  Young Thug is constantly chasing fame and money.  The wedding plans are on hold until Nevuary 31st.  Jerricka is determined to focus on her makeup line, but the streets are calling.  Young Thug is constantly on the road.  Music executives labeled him a criminal.  Is Young Thug an asset, or liability?  Jerrika’s pills, snapChat, and designer clothes, aren’t fulfilling enough.

Fans were happy to hear news of Jerrika Karlae’s engagement to Young Thug.  Parading in girls’ dresses and makeup, made us assume he was gay.  Hip hop fans don’t realize Young Thug has promised Jerrika a wedding date since April 2012.  She’s fine, but may be wasting her youth.  Young Thug is living foul.  All he wants to do is smash groupies, and do drugs.  Wearing an engagement ring is not enough to win Jerrika’s trust.  She spends most nights all alone sniffing lines in ritzy hotels.  The wife of a rock star…we guess.

Wearing my sheer glo #illuminizer from my upcoming cosmetic line #glowingJerricka Karlae has received countless promotional gigs and TV offers.  She’s gorgeous like India Love, but ratchet enough for VH1.  Jerricka’s friends and family pray she establishes a brand outside of Young Thug like Karrueche Tran.  She’s smitten by her new found fame.  Insiders suspect Jerricka will jump ship if Young Thug won’t stop stalling on making that divine commitment.