Zoe Saldana Takes Twins For Swimming Lessons – Adorable Photos

Swimming class with the boys is amazing. I grew up partially in Dominican Republic- so as an island girl I’m half sea life LOL.
I grew up in the water and so did my sisters, we love it and feel safe in it. That is why it is important for us that our children learn to swim at an early age. Plus, living in Los angeles where everyone has a pool can be a bit daunting for parents. Marco insisted we put them in the water when they were 3 months old, so we did. We encourage that for parents but be careful with chemicals that pools may have. They can be irritating for babies eyes and skin.
To see your babies in the water is mesmerizing. They say the earlier you do it after birth the easier it will be for them to be in the water, and that is so true. They pick up on everything you teach them pretty easy. And when they go under the water and naturally hold their breath it makes you want to cry from all the excitement. We were very lucky to find a good coach for them. We were taking them to a school not far from where we are staying in Vancouver but it was challenging to hold their attention with all the stimulation surrounding them. Having them alone with a coach helped them focus on what the teacher was doing so they can imitate it.
We seriously recommend swimming lessons with your baby.
And babies look beautiful in bathing suits- Zoe Saldana