Andy Cohen Accused of Racist Favoritism #RHONYC vs #RHOA

It’s so “funny” to me how Andy Cohen treats the ladies of RHOA v. how he treats the women of RHONYC. Atlanta women bring in MULTIPLE millions in viewrs while the NYC women can’t even break a million viewers. The Atlanta cast has been stripped to bare bones and “ladies” who don’t represent Atlanta cause they are not FROM Atlanta are used to go after the reason why we WATCH RHOA….NENE!!! I notice how the RHONYC has a MASS CHOIR of women holding fruit in their intro, yet they “take” away Porsa’s peach and give it to someone who is not from Atlanta nor was good for the show. Week after week the RHOA ratings went down as the loyal viewers REJECTED the fake and contorted drama from Claude and Kenya. Yet still the ratings were more than the EIGHT women holding “apples” from NYC could garner .Andy Cohen better recognize WHY and how his bread is buttered. I’m quite sick of how they won’t show a FULL representation of the black women’s lives like theydo with their white cast. Just my VENT. – Veronica Pate kept it 100?