Angelina Jolie Seeks Therapy & Rehab Again

Tremendous professional, and family stress, has Angelina Jolie seeking therapy.  Behind closed doors, Jolie is known to fly into violent rages aimed at her 6 kids.  Angie’s nerves are ragged.  Her weight has plummeted to a measly 80 lbs.  She married Brad Pitt to gain credit from Hollyweird’s Scientologist community.  That didn’t stop her kids from making her life a living hell.  The home life is filled with screaming, tears, cursing, and outbursts.  The kids have never been disciplined, and made to follow rules.  The boys have no desire for education, and the girls are too ratchet to take baths.

Brad Pitt quietly hired a therapist for his wife.  When they aren’t globe trotting, they are filming.  When they aren’t filming, they are humanitarian heroes.  Jolie wants the public to believe her effortless fairy tale showmance.  Realistically, she’s cracking up.  Family fears Angie may relapse. The kids have plenty of money, but no foundation.  Their sleeping schedules are out of wack.  They’re constantly in different time zones.  The United Nations Goodwill Ambassador is always tense because the kids are always fighting.

Brad Pitt is on the brink of a meltdown too.  Jennifer Aniston is stalling on marrying because of him.  Pitt refuses to walk away from his family, but demanded Angelina Jolie seek treatment for post traumatic stress disorder.  He doesn’t want to lose Jolie to the pressures of mixing motherhood with over achieving.  Is Brangie hiding in rehab from the kids?  Is the therapist concerned with Angie’s dwindling health?  Or does all of the stress really stem from Brad’s insistence on poking Kathryn Morris behind Angelina’s back?