Karma Finally Hits Angelina Jolie

Ron Bard, Brad Pitt’s psychic, let the cat out of the bag.  He says Brad doesn’t love Angelina Jolie anymore.  Pitt is simply ‘boxed in’, and reluctant to harm his image.  Besides, he was always considered the bad guy in Jennifer Aniston’s showmance.  Pitt refuses to walk away from his commitment to the kids.  Ron has been very close with Brad since 2005.  He suggested Brad and Angie have secretly already married.

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Fork Ron Bard, and his painful, pitching attempt at a Tell All book.  We know the real bitch who’s trying to steal Angie’s man.  It’s not Jennifer Aniston.  She’s too busy shopping a surrogate mom.  Remember Kathryn Morris, Pitt’s blonde Money Ball co-star?  Hollyweird’s assistants whisper that Brad’s smashing her coochie to smithereens.  Kathryn and Pitt have maintained a very close relationship.  Not to mention, Angelina stole Brad Pitt from under Aniston’s nose when they connected on Mr. & Mrs. Smith set.

Brood: The couple have (left-right) Pax, Zahara, Knox, Shiloh and Maddox, as well as Vivienne (not pictured)

Morris is the perfect combination of Jennifer Aniston, and Angelina.  She’s a soft spoken girl next door, like Jen, but independent in the sheets like Angie.  What started as a HUGE crush, dwindled into a steamy, secretive love affair.  Kathryn couldn’t resist Brad’s flirtatious smile, or his Tinsletown A-List status.  While Pitt may be committed to his family, he’s intrigued by the world of Scientology.  Angelina is strongly against Scientology, and this also causes a rift.  Kathryn is infatuated with Brad Pitt.  She worships the ground he walks on, and is eager to do ANYTHING that pleases him.  Angie always suspected they were more than friends.