Another Clinton Family Scandal

It’s not too much you don’t know about the Clinton family, except this.  Hillary Clinton is gearing up to run for president.  Bill Clinton is supporting his wife, but has encountered a snag that could erupt in scandal.  Published reports say Marjorie Margolies, Chelsea Clinton’s mother in law, paid herself over $100,000 from a non-profit organization.  Margolies duped Women’s Campaign International out of hard working tax payer’s money.  Maybe this is why Marc Mezvinsky is treated so poorly by his father in, law Bill.  Or maybe it’s because he ditched his big time banking job, for a life of hanging out and skiing in Wyoming.  We won’t even mention Chelsea’s new dad, Edward Mezvinsky, was indicted for fraud in 2001.  All this will be exposed, and Clinton is sour.  Did you see Chelsea’s new hubby at the star studded Mandela memorial with the Clinton family?