Another White Rapper Taking Over Hip Hop – Logic

Before everybody started calling Psychological, Logic– we called him Skittles.  If you’ve ever heard underground hip hop music by Hitman, East Koast Killah, or Lord Subliminal – that was all Logic trying to find himself.  Logic is no overnight success.  He’s seasoned for a very long time.  Hard work is finally beginning to pay off for hip hop’s latest wigga.  You’ve probably heard how his family struggled with crack cocaine addictions.  Did you know his dad is black?

Logic told Big Boy’s Neighborhood, “I’m not the mad rapper.  Being here is an honor.  It’s a milestone.  It’s an accomplishment.  I have big dreams!  For me, this is amazing.  Do you understand?  This means I’m relevant, so I’m happy to be here.”

Logic is very Barack Obama- ish.  Not because of his mixed race.  Hollyweird claims this dude has the class, and mannerisms of a white dude, but the swag of an urban rapper.  He is very humble, and grateful to finally attain the credit he’s so patiently grinded for.  The youngest of 8 kids, Psychological is a Sinatra fan.  Sir Robert Bryson Hall II and his RattPack , just kept grinding.  He’s finished slaying the independent record scene.  Logic has garnered the attention of rap heavyweights like Nas, and Kendrick Lamar.  Def Jam is even buying him a DJ Mustard beat.

Will you accuse him of ‘stealing the sound’ because he’s mixed with white?  Will hip hop socialites criticize him like they do Iggy Azalea?  In an interview, he proved giving 0 fukks.

“The thing is, I feel like so many artists, well, not really artists but so many people think they can rap and they just want a deal and the glitz and the glamour and the women but they don’t understand that all I do and want to do is rhyme… I think I’ve sacrificed so much from my relationships to my friendships to my family; I’ve literally sacrificed my entire life and I’m honest.”