Anthony Geary Fired From General Hospital

Anthony Geary is taking an extended vacation from General Hospital.  It has nothing to do with his broken back.  Before Geary fell off the cliff in Aculpulco, he’d already been whining to producers about utilizing his escape clause.  He’d rather undergo spinal surgery again, than succumb to the wack ass story lines GH is forcing down his throat.  He threatened to pack up all his g strings, and head back to Amsterdam.  Show producers slid him some kinky perks.  That’s why Geary was given more presence on the show.  Geary demanded writers bring back Fluke Spencer, as he grows old, ungrateful, and bitter.

When Anthony Geary had to have a knee replacement, his self-esteem fell to an all time low.  The latest buzz on the soap’s set is, Geary’s back problems, have knocked him out the game for good.  The spinal surgeries were mandatory.  Doctors told Anthony he’d end up in a wheelchair without it.  He nearly lost the ability to walk.  Now, he’s recuperating in Holland on low-key suicide watch.  Tony’s physical condition, and suggested pay cut, has convinced cast members Luke won’t return.  He told producers he’d come back, but Geary sincerely knows his body won’t ever recover 100%.


Should we suck Tony’s cock to convince him on returning to General Hospital’s set?  We can’t afford a guy like him, in this economy.  Geary is a legend, no doubt.  Finding an equally talented replacement for cheap is foreseeable.  Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) desperately seeks a bigger role on the show.  Rumors claim he’d sacrifice his beloved dog for a shimmer of Anthony Geary’s fame, and fortune.  Benard is bipolar, just like Sonny. However, Rice is not just a home grown local weirdo.  He’s willing to work twice as hard for slave wages.