Ara And Robert Hunt Adopt To Reunite Long Lost Siblings

For most of his young life, family occasions had been lonely ones for the boy once named Seth. A foster child who bounced in and out of temporary homes before aging out of the system, he spent many a holiday in his room, left out by the “real family” and wishing for things other kids take for granted: a pencil sharpener, a new pair of shoes, a hug. “Families were for other people,” he recalls thinking. “I had a lot of tears.” But six months ago everything changed when Ara and Robert Hunt welcomed the young man, now 19, into their hearts and home—and, amazingly, reunited him with Shyann, 12, the biological sister he never knew. Now he has a new life, and in a few months, when his adoption as an adult is complete, a new name: Logan Hunt. “Finding Logan,” says Robert, “was meant to be.” KNOW A HERO? SEND SUGGESTIONS TO  Continue