Attention Amy Entelis – We Are Available For The Next Project

Amy Entelis is causing chaos in the entertainment industry.  Co- stars become lovers, and friends become enemies, for a slice of limelight.  Who knows…maybe a nappy ninja from the south can lead a CNN series?   This is a competition everyone feels entitled to win.  Jeff Zucker hired Amy Entelis to switch CNN’s swag.  She’s responsible for developing top talent in the TV news business.  CNN finally realized they couldn’t survive off news alone.  The fresh original series and documentary programs gave showbiz a black eye.  The new ratings attract a younger audience.   Amy maintains a svelte figure, and demands respect.  She bought BlackFish, and it became a sensation.  Amy’s keen eye for talent opened a national discussion about Sea World’s conditions.  Amy Entelis shook up Hollyweird by selecting gifted journalist with cinematic story telling skills.  The highly educated rich kids without personality, won’t make the cut. Do we have to lick Amy’s crusty nylons for a gig, or nah?  She tried explaining to LATimes.

DSC01462When you pick a personality to lead one of these series, what do you look for? It seems like they all have to be a little larger than life.

They have to be compelling and authentic in a way that makes the content cut through. When you look at Anthony Bourdain, Morgan Spurlock, Mike Rowe, Lisa Ling, John Walsh, they are who they are on screen. They carry themselves in a way so their individual voices come through. We look for somebody who has a point of view that is distinct and interesting. They are not overly packaged. They can expand the envelope beyond what a CNN anchor can be.

They can be irreverent. They can curse. They can tell you things a lot of our anchors are a little more constrained from telling you. You really feel like the filter is dropped and you experience the world and you’re with them. They are great communicators and they have passion. They talk to the viewer in a way traditional news can’t do. They have a little more flexibility and license to be themselves.