Autopsy Proves Sandra Bland Suicide

DailyMailSandra Bland’s wrist was covered in 30 cuts that were at least two weeks old and her body contained evidence of a large amount of marijuana in her system, according to an autopsy.
Results from the autopsy on the body of Bland, who was found hanging in Waller County Jail, Texas, were released by the district attorney’s office this afternoon, who said that there were no signs her death was anything but a suicide.
Family and supporters of Bland, who was arrested in a violent confrontation with a Texas state trooper before being jailed, have claimed that she would never have killed herself and must have been murdered.

Do you agree with this autopsy?  Or was somebody paid off to cover the truth?

Don’t Forget:

Dr. Shiping Bao, chief medical examiner over the controversial Trayvon Martin case, is currently suing Florida State for $100 million. Bao says prosecutors hated Trayvon, and said he”got what he deserved.” Bao was silenced and threatened. “He was in essence told to zip his lips. ‘Shut up. Don’t say those things,’” said Bao’s lawyer, legendary Attorney Willie Gary.

Gary said Dr. Bao was made to be a scapegoat and was wrongfully fired from the medical examiner’s office. He said his client was prepared to offer proof that Martin was not the aggressor.

Gary said prosecutors never asked Dr. Bao a question crucial to their case.
He wanted a question that would have allowed him to explain to the jury with scientific evidence how there was no way Trayvon Martin could have been on top of George Zimmerman, Gary said.
Gary said that question never came.

The Stanford police Department, and state attorney’s office doesn’t care about #BlackLives at all.

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