Barbara Walters Granted First and Final Interview With Queen Elizabeth

Admit it.  Diane Sawyers killed Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer, Oprah Winfrey, and Katie Couric.  Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation finale and exclusive interview, rocked showbiz headlines.  Jenner is receiving more press and endorsements than ever.  There’s one pussy more sour than Kim Kardashian’s.  Barbara Walters is dying for her next big hit.  Turn’s out, Queen Elizabeth, is her 11th Most Fascinating Person.

Barbara Walters is behind the scenes begging insiders to book a final scoop with dying Queen Elizabeth.  Her Majesty’s Buckingham Palace minions have received too many letters, calls, and emails to count.  Queen Elizabeth has never given a television interview in 88 years.  Barbara is hoping her Hollyweird status will make the chat irresistible.

We were invited to celebrate the 35 Most Powerful People in Media in New York City, but we were too busy sunbathing in Compton to go.  We heard Barbara Walters was hobbling around Manhatten’s Four Season Grill Room telling everyone, “Queen Elizabeth tops my interview wish list.  I’m bombarding the palace with request for the prized chat.”

Queen Elizabeth has health issues.  The palace fears she may die soon.  This is the ONE interview Barbara needs to end her career, and retire on a high note.  The ratings would be bananas!  It would be the Queen’s one and only interview before she croaks.

We hope it’s untrue, but we heard Queen Elisabeth isn’t feeling it at all.

“I’m told her Majesty was totally insulted.  Elizabeth only deems television useful when she can spend 10 minutes delivering her Christmas message to the British nation,” a source tells Globe magazine.  They pressured more, and more.  A long time aide explained how it would be Walters very last interview.

“Who is she anyway?  Why should I talk to her?  What good will it do for me to sit down with this woman?  None of that, I can see,” the Queen quipped.