Barbra Streisand Is Divorcing For A Few Good Reasons

Barbra Streisand feels like she doesn’t know James Brolin.  Although they’ve been married 15 years, she doesn’t trust him anymore.  Brolin may be Jackson Hunt to you, but he’s a poochie addict to Streisand.  Reported documents broadcast James as being a serial cheater.  Barbara learned it was the reason Jane Agee left him.  Everyone hates the National Enquirer, but they refused to allow Barbz get bullied, and betrayed.

See, Barbara had no idea Brolin’s first marriage was an “open marriage”.  Jane claimed in divorce documents that Brolin smashed everything that wasn’t nailed down.  He had numerous affairs with gullible sluts, while still married. The relationship eventually crumbled when James met Jan Smithers, who eventually became his second wife.

Streisand is terribly insecure.  Mostly because her husband was getting cheeky with Castle co-star, Stana Katic.  He flirted with the wet dream snatching starlet in front of the entire cast.  Katic is young enough to be Streisand’s granddaughter, so we won’t go there.  To make matters worse, insiders claim he forked Susan Sullivan already.

Susan told a reporter, “I’m hoping producers bring him back for God’s sake.  That would be fun.  He’s an attractive guy, and he’s tall.” Didn’t Susan know he was taken?  Did she care?

Biographer Mark Bego explained it best, “After being cheated on by first husband, Elliot Gould, in the 60s, the last thing Barbra wants is history repeating itself.  It was so devastating for her the first time, she couldn’t bear for it to happen again. “