Beatles Ringo Starr Career And Financial Struggles

Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr, has fallen on hard times.  The real estate collapse, and ObamaCare have his savings on Joan Rivers.  Barbara Bach never envisioned struggling with the Fab Four heartthrob.  Making all the cash from entertainment is awesome, but  It Don’t Come Easy.  How do you maintain a ritzy million dollar lifestyle, when all your fans are grandparents now?

Bond Girls, actresses, and models get old.  Bach’s last hit was when Elvis Presley, and Charles Chaplin were alive.  Richard Starky Jr, wasn’t embarrassed to tell his wife the pressure to sell their beloved Snowmass, Colorado horse ranch.  Shoot N’ Starr sits along the Roaring Fork River.  The 15 acre 3200 sq. ft heaven was sold for a measley $3.85 million.  It would be wonderful, had Ringo not greedily taken out a 2nd mortgage to maintain his rock star persona.   Bank lenders, and pesky creditors are bullying him for the cash.

The aging rocker, and vintage beauty queen were also forced to put their 200 acre Rydinghurst estate near Cranleigh, in Surry England, up for sale.  Why are they in such desperate need for cash?  To start back Hollyweird shuffling of course!  Ringo Starr has been approached with several lucrative showbiz offers to reboost his career.  They kicked out renters settled in their Beverly Hills mansion.  They are moving back to Hell A.  Could all the real estate liquefying be used to fund Barbara Bach’s new tummy tuck, and face lift?  The pressure to be young, and flawless, is ridiculous on the West side.  Will executives pair Ringo Starr with a young hot talent for a duet CD?  Did Lady Gaga do a great job of introducing Tony Bennett to younger fans?