Beyonce Jay Z Window Shop Beverly Hills Real Estate But Diddy Dropped $40 Million Cash

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Jay- Z and Diddy duked it out for the #2 slot on Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Kings.  The unspoken rivalry has spilled into the real estate arena.  Jigga dragged Beyonce to Beverly Hills so they could tour mega mansions.  The outlandish couple find the bi-coastal commute draining.  They have too much business in Hollyweird.  Rumors of baby #2, and a collaboration album have convinced them to settle down.  They dropped $200K for a month’s stay in Holmby Hills, but insiders claim it’s not big enough.  So while they window shop…

Sean Combs didn’t study too long.  He feels renting is a waste of time, and money.  He’s knows good deals from miles away.  Diddy dropped $39 million on a brand new Westside mansion.  He paid the real estate broker in cash.  Jay-Z wouldn’t have the money to shop $85 million homes if it weren’t for his superstar wife.  If Diddy had the confidence to hook a rich, famous, thot- he’d be in a bigger league.  Cassie will certainly keep the millionaire, bachelor- pad sheets warm, until Meek Mill gets out of jail.

Completed this year, the European-style villa has about 17,000 square feet of living space in a two-story main house with a 35-seat theater, a gym and a wine room. There’s another 3,000 square feet in another structure.

The more than one acre of grounds includes a lagoon-style swimming pool with a grotto connected by an underwater swimming tunnel. – Continue