Bobbi Kristina Brown Auntie Leolah Shades The Whole Houston Family and Accuses Them Of Murder!

…and let me say this because right now it needs to be said. I am so sick & tired of so called civilized and so called educated people making ugly comments about my family, The Brown’s! Now lets talk. Anyone in their rightful mind if you have been following my brother Bobby Brown’s career. You have to bear witness that, my brother Bobby Brown has been in the entertainment business for well over 30 years. How many times have you seen a BROWN trying to do a story to make money? So ya see, will the REAL money hungry people please stand up.
Another thing. Who took that picture of Whitney in her Casket? I went to the funeral of course, but did not want to view her body that day. I just could not see her like that. Yet, I was so glad that my spirit did not allow me to go. When I learned that picture was taken; I was also so glad A BROWN was not present at the body viewing on that day. Lets talk now! They couldn’t blame the Brown’s for taking that picture…could they? But who REALLY took that picture AND RECEIVED MONEY?
I want you all to know that from this day on; I am going to defend my family and come after the culprits that love reporting crap like this. Because evidently there are those who LOVE to make The Brown’s look bad. But I know THE TRUTH. And let me tell you this also to keep under your hats~and please don’t ever forget this. My sister Whitney Houston’s tragedy was NOT done on the Brown’s watch! Remember that. Furthermore, my niece Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragedy was also NOT done on the Brown’s watch. Remember that as well. Yet, there are those who have always tried and continue to try to divide & conquer my family. But who’s watch did these things happen under!? You all think about this good!
Don’t try to make my family look so bad so that others who are fake and malicious can continue to shine in a dark world! Kick Rocks! The devil has always been a dam liar, a dam thief and a dam murderer! Now let the dam games begin and I promise you I will finish it properly. I am no longer standing down while allowing my family name to go in the mud while doing nothing about it. I have every right in the world to defend my family. We have children too! Children that see & hear all of the crap they pull. Therefore, I will continue to be a fighter that MY CHILDREN may be as well when I leave here. It is better for one to simply try to correct the differences in YOUR family and leave mine alone. Peace. – Aunt Leolah Brown