Brandi Glanville Hooks Up With Dean Sheremet- LeAnn Rimes Devastated!

Dean Sheremet embarrassed LeAnn Rimes when he revealed her devilish ways in a TV interview.

“Unfortunately, I found out right before the story broke… I got a call from LeAnn and she said, ‘Us Weekly may or may not have a picture of me and Eddie (Cibrian) kissing.’

“I was like, ‘Woah! What do you mean may or may not…?’ It unfolded from there.”

LeAnn, with her suffering music career, added fuel to fire by publicly pampering Brandi Glanville’s son for paparazzi at a family soccer game (Read story on

 The social media bullying hit a boiling point, and even the surgery victims’  friends got involved.

Brandi refused to lay down and take in the buns! She befriended Dean Sheremet on Twitter and pretended she was interested in his diet recipes.  Does Brandi look like she should  lose weight?

It doesn’t take a drunk, blonde, bulimic  to know that these two chickens are loving all the attention.  What a way to get viewers hype about their crummy reality shows.

#TeamBrandi?  or #TeamLeAnn?