Buffy Bestie Nicholas Brendon Checks In Rehab

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Either Nicholas Brendon is bipolar, or suffering from success.  He is drunk, and high, 24 hours a day.  In a fierce bid to guest star on Celebrity Rehab, Nick trashed a Comic-Con hotel.  He was arrested, but only stayed in jail long enough for his high to come down.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xander Harris, ruined a Florida hotel and refused to pay for the damage.  Thank goodness he’s not black, because Fort Lauderdale don’t play.  Shock Pop Comic- Con had Nicholas geeking in jail on criminal mischief, and felony grand theft.  Unlike OJ Simpson, Nick spent ONE night in Broward County Jail.

Sarah Michelle Geller is humiliated, and disgusted.  She was the one who bailed him out when he got too turnt in Boise, Idaho’s Comic-Con.  Now we see why Moonda Tee bailed out so quickly.  We heard he’s checked in rehab, but too bad it won’t rehab his typecast blues, and Hollyweird career.