Channing Tatum Adam Rodriguez Beef Behind Booty

Channing Tatum is furious with co-star, Adam Rodriguez.  Magic Mike’s crew were generally friends off set, until Adam screwed it up.  Rumors claim Channing’s wife, Jenna Dewan, let Adam smash.   Sssshh…don’t tell anyone we told you.  Adam is a known super hunk, and major flirt.  Magic Mike XXL press junket adrenaline, and NoHo cocaine had Adam feeling all fleeky.  He pushed up on Johnny Depp’s bitch, Amber Heard, too!  Jenna is mysterious, and sexy- just Adam’s type.  Rodriguez couldn’t resist smiling uncontrollably, until he wiggled his way into her petite, foreign, panties.  Channing was so busy riding the fame wave.  He left Jenna dehydrated in his shadows.  Apparently, a few Hollyweird parties, Tequila shots, and Adam’s flattering compliments, made Jenna weak.  Channing demanded  Jenna stay at home for the last leg of the tour.  He doesn’t trust them together.  Now Channing Tatum, and Adam Rodriguez have a real beef behind the scenes.