Chris Brown Loves Drake – Listen: New Flame With Usher & Rick Ross

Drake released his true emotions to TheHollyweirdTimes regarding his sticky showmance with Chris Brown:

I just wanna thank God a miracle happened me and chris brown were at the studio the hole night making music we cleared every beef the was we admitted we both made a mistake and it was foolish to fight over a girl and let’s just get OVER the girl lol it was emotional for both of us but it was about time So we back at it WE FRIENDS we have a hot song coming up! I feel so relieved I will never forget this day…

The hate that is served today made me realize how people never get satisfied in whatever I do when chris and I beefed there was hate now we cool there’s hate again living my life pleasing ppl who won’t get me nowhere is a waste of my perfect kind heart,if u think I’m beefing with Riri dig ya own grave me and her are Cool ASF no1 Is more happy about this more than her! She’s laughing her ass off with the negative shit which makes all leaves the ppl throwing shades look dumb ASF its interesting how ppl run their mouth like lil bitches yet they gain nothing From it.

Photo: When Drizzy and breezy at the same shizzy expect nothing but the best !!!!!!! No hoe can come between again!