Luke and Liam Mad #InTheHeartOfTheSea Chris Hemsworth Academy Award Nominee

Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Hemsworth, may garner an Oscar nomination with his latest film, In the Heart of the Sea.  His character, Owen Chase, is the first mate of the ill-fated whaling ship Essex. The movie is based on a true seafaring saga. Chris Hemsworth bragged to Parade Magazine how it was the best, and most challenging acting job EVER!

“I got swept up in the story, humans tested to absolute extremes: It was a big challenge.”

“I had come from Australia to America trying to be this type of actor,” he continues. “This was the first film that gave me an opportunity to take a risk, to be who I want to be. It really was the first film where I just let it happen. It came from inside me.”

“Before I knew I wanted to act, I loved movies, books, storytelling,” Hemsworth said.  “But I didn’t love school, sitting still, starting and ending each day doing the same thing at the same place. I wanted adventure, and acting is the one thing that keeps surprising me.”

Good looks are everything in Hollyweird.  Chris Hemsworth just moved to LA in 2007, after being discovered by William Ward.  In just a few short years, Hemsworth landed CA$H and Star Trek, followed by Thor the Marvel blockbuster.  His career is on fire!   Despite starring in The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Dawn, Rush and, Avengers: Age of Ultron– Chris is convinced In the Heart of the Sea is his absolute best performance.  The international heartthrob explained to Parade:

Much of the movie was filmed on small boats on the ocean, set at a point in the story after the main vessel is destroyed by a great whale. “Once we’re in the whaleboats, we couldn’t get off and on,” he says. “We developed real love for one another. There was such camaraderie in that and a sort of gallows humor, like in war. I’ve never left a film and missed a cast so much. It reminded me of playing football back home, where you’re shoulder to shoulder with those guys.”

Director Howard agrees. “This was a labor-of-love movie,” he says. “These guys talked about the journey they went on, the joy and the sacrifices they made. It was an experience. It’s one of the kinds of things I look for when I’m trying to choose a project. It doesn’t mean it has to be in an exotic place or it has to be physically trying, but I want it to test me in some way too.”

Hemsworth has nothing but praise for his director.

“He’s the greatest!” he says of Howard, with whom he worked previously while portraying champion race car driver James Hunt in Rush (2013). “Our two films taught me why people put themselves in situations with a high probability of death. I love the questions stirred up within me. As long as I can be a part of films that force me to ask bigger questions, then fantastic! I can come away having learned something about myself and about life. In doing films like Sea, I’m satisfying a deeper, creative side of myself.”

Check out In the Heart of the Sea’s trailer below.

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