Cop Killer Walks Free SB 260

Officer Archie Buggs was a bright eyed cop eager to conquer the world, until Jesus Cecena busted his melon open.  Governor Jerry Brown was paid under the table, to pass a creepy law that allowed parole accessible for inmates given forever sentences.  Under Brown’s law, SB 260, criminals are forgiven  for crimes they committed before they were 18.

Officer Buggs stopped Cecena for speeding.  Jesus was only  17 when he  grew ecstatic about the  cop discovering an open beer can.  His passenger, Jose Arteaga, passed him the gun that put Archie Buggs in the dirt.  A member of the San Diego Police Department was gunned down over a ticket.  At age 53, Cecena has been recommended for release.  His life sentence is overturned, and tested by Jerry’s SB 260.  Afterall, the law, so call, requires, ” great weight to the diminished culpability of the juveniles”, and  considers the “maturity and rehabilitation in prison.”

Everyone at Valley State Prison in Chowchilla is supporting Jesus Cecena.  He grew to take full responsibility after his spiritual awakening.  The prison gangster eventually married, and became a mentor.  He’s been leading a bunch of Anonymous support groups, in efforts to prove he’s a changed man.  He stated, “It is for the murder of Officer Buggs, the heartache, pain, grief, loss, and senselessness of my actions, that I am sorry and indescribably remorseful.  I know that saying I’m sorry will never be enough and has no true meaning unless I show it through my character and how I conduct myself and how I treat and relate to others.”

Share your thoughts in the comments below.  Should  we allow Jesus Cecena to grow old with his wife?  Is there a such thing as rehab for cop killers like him?  Do you think Jerry Brown was on Banana Kush when he created SB 260?  Will SB 260 pressure gang lords to recruit younger kids?  Don’t we all deserve a 2nd chance?  If God forgives us, can’t we forgive Jesus?