Chanel Iman Hubby Smashed Mick Jagger

Rock stars were down low bisexuals long before Young Thug, and Liam Payne.  Bowie is exposing the sex addicted rocker.  The book claims David had a sex lounge in his London mansion for orgies, and coke parties.  His most frequent guest were fellow entertainers of course.  We ain’t trying to start no rumors, but they say David Bowie and Mick Jagger menaged so many times they eventually had sex with each other.

David Bowie can pretend to be a happily married, devoted dad, all he wants.  He was worst than Bieber.  He was dedicated to smashing as many thots as he could.

National Enquirer

“Angie (Barnett, Bowie’s first wife) and David used to have the most amazing orgies at Oakley Street. Everybody f***** everybody in the pit. Mick Jagger used to come there and be involved with sexual things,” a source told author Wendy Leigh, who also dishes on Bowie’s liaisons with Susan Sarandon, Marianne Faithfull and Ronnie Spector.”

Ronnie, now 71, told Wendy she was ushered through Bowie’s suite at The Plaza in New York City in 1976, passing a coffee table covered with cocaine, and into the bedroom, where Bowie awaited – naked!

The book accuses David Bowie of meeting Angie because they were sleeping with the same man.  He’s happily married to Chanel Iman now.  Another weird romance that will likely have his daughter freaking out like Paris Jackson, and Amanda Bynes.