David Duchovny Cheating On Gillian Anderson With Ex

Hollywood’s hip hookers, and hard liquor nearly destroyed David Duchovny.   The X Files mega star thought his fame and fortune would make his dinner at night, and suck his lollipop some mornings.  He ditched Tea Leoni for showbiz after 15 lonely years of marriage.  They’ve broken up more times than Chris Brown, and Rihanna.  David blamed his drug, alcohol, and thirst for young kitties, on an ‘addiction’.  We love sex too, but we just can’t afford rehabilitation.  Typical Hollyweirdo.  He checked himself into an expensive rehab off the coast of the Pacific ocean.  A sushi tooth tiger from Malibu spotted Duchovny and Tea frolicking, and freaking on the beach.  Gillian Anderson must be devastated.  Sources claim they looked like newlyweds.  David was massaging Tea’s booty, and kissing her tenderly.  Everyone could tell they were in love.