Derek Fisher Impeachment Rumors – Video

Knicks fans are still bitter about losing Steve Kerr to Golden State.  Does a few NBA championship rings, and tropical stories of dusty glory days, qualify you as head coach?  Phil Jackson failed miserably when trying to sway New York Knicks fans.

“I want them to leave Derek alone in this regard.  He’s doing the best job possible.  It’s not his fault.”

No more big pimping with Kobe Bryant, or admiring the sunny Laker Girls.  Fisher is sipping from a bitter cup now.  His freshman season as Knicks coach is dismal, with all due respect.  Fans are hunting for a scapegoat. D-Fish is being thrown underneath the bus.  Sports fans want him out.  Some are beginning to question his validity. Does he have the ability to coach?  Did The Zen Master make a huge mistake?

Derek Fisher embraces the stress.  New Yorkers can’t get rid of the wood-rat infestation, but they’re petitioning to extinguish Derek Fisher.  is it the penetrating frigid temperatures nagging Madison Square Garden?   Fisher was like,

“I think in a lot of ways, that’s what leadership is, not to gloat and smile and be happy when things are going well and take all the credit, but still be consistent in who you are, even when things aren’t going well.  We’re going through this together.  I’m not going to step back, and say it’s on them.  It’s on all of us.”

Evidently, Carmelo Anthony is not a star, but his big titty wife LaLa is.  Should the NBA ditch D-Fish? Meanwhile, watch him try explaining the struggle.