Detroit Releasing All Prisoners – Can’t Afford Jail Upkeep

Which is more scary?  Eating at a McDonald’s restaurant in Liberia Africa, or living in Detroit?  The city is so poor, most local residents cannot afford to pay attention.  Detroit  punishes the poor by depriving them of decent water.  The same water used to wash dishes, is the same water used to mop and flush the toilet.  We won’t mention the racial tension, and extreme poverty.  Adding booty shots to a Kardashian, the jail will began releasing prisoners early.  Macomb jail can’t afford to house the inmates.  Now residents have to worry about living next to a rapist, or bank robber.

DetroitNews- Wickersham says the capacity of the county jail on Elizabeth Road in Clinton Township is 1,218 and needs to be reduced to 1,982 to conform with a 1982 state law regarding overcrowded jails.

The sheriff said he notified county officials, judges and local police chiefs on Oct. 27 about the overcrowding.

Wickersham says in a statement his office will recommend to Chief Circuit Court Judge John C. Foster which prisoners — only ones who don’t threaten the public — can have their jail terms modified. Foster will make the decision on whether to change sentences, reduce bond or release prisoners on a tether.