Cop Wife Kills Herself After A Drunken Argument

A young Georgia couple have fallen victim to domestic violence.  Nikki Guined threatened to leave Deputy Dwight Buchanan after a drunken argument.  A 9MM Glock shot to the jaw ended her beautiful life.  She was only 20 years old.  The couple was getting turnt up in Monroe, Georgia with a few friends, when all hell broke loose.  They claim Nikki demanded the gun screaming “Don’t you trust me?”

Although a trained army veteran, Dwight handed drunk Nikki a loaded pistol.  Cops found the home littered with beer cans, and reeking of marijuana.  Guest pretended they were unsure what happened.  Buchanan has yet to be charged with a crime.  He was slapped on the wrist with ‘paid administrative leave’.  Did stress from his local jailer job, and thoughts of Nikki bailing, convince Dwight Buchanan to kill her?