Did Shia Labeouf Steal Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight ?

We aren’t supposed to know anything about The Hateful Eight, Beyonce’s skin lightening secret, or Miley’s new booty.  Hollyweird did Quentin Tarantino like they did Jay Leno.  They stole all his efforts, and convinced him to fire himself.

Tarantino  is a genius.  It took mounds of prescription drugs and cocaine to concoct DJango UnChained and Pulp Fiction.  Hateful Eight was destined to be another mind blowing movie, but showbiz executives stole the script.  Quentin is fried harder than Popeye’s Chicken.  He knows it was someone he loved, and trusted.  He only gave it to 6 people.  The script went viral quicker than the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

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The leak has Tarantino feeling ‘some type of way’.  We hope he fires all 6 of his crew, because they were all in on it!  The youth obsessed Illuminati heads are plotting to Shia LaBeouf the script-  give it a new title, and release it.  Hollywood has never been a faithful girlfriend.  You see how they did Michael Shake Fox?  Is Quentin being an Inglorious Bastard?  Just because he was at Fashion Week with an off-brand hooker, doesn’t mean he’s not filing a lawsuit.