Dolly Parton Jennifer Lopez Lesbians Now

Dolly Parton, and Jennifer Lopez are as different as night and day.  One is old, one is older. One is country, one is pop.   One is a hoe, but Dolly has been married to Carl Dean forever.  They’re both entertainers, but only one is actually talented.  Both icons work hard to maintain their showbiz status, ignoring their arthritis riddled bodies.

What you didn’t know is- both Dolly Parton, and Jennifer Lopez are secretly GAY #NoGayleKing.  Heterosexuality may be the old social standard.  More weirdos in the showbiz network have decided to come out the closet.  Being openly gay is also gaining popularity in the sports world.  Being gay in Hollywood is trending harder than adopting African kids.  Just ask Neil Patrick Harris.  Television, and marketing opportunities drenched Dougie Howser when he jumped from the closet.

Dolly Parton doesn’t love anything more than the stage. She spent her anniversary performing as usual.  Richie Sambora just had to pinch those old perky titts.  Carl Dean can handle the extensive travel, and drunken fights.  He’s grown rightfully suspicious of Judy Ogle, Dolly’s personal kitty trainer.  Judy has been bumping cats with Parton for years.  They’re so close, Dolly admitted they shared the same bed when they travel.  Judy is Dolly’s confidant and best friend.  When they get too turnt, they smash until they fall asleep.  Dolly Parton loves Judy’s listening ears, and sensual touch.  They’re in love, and Carl is bursting with jealousy.

J-Ho ruined Marc Anthony’s real life to engage in a showmance.  All the crummy relationships, failed marriages, and toddler twins, couldn’t keep her from Leah Rimini.  They’ve been friends forever, but insiders suspect there’s more.  Jennifer Lopez enjoys a nice hard cock, but no man is as devoted as Leah.  Leah dumped Scientology, and has remained committed to her friendship with Jennifer.  Lopez admires Leah’s devotion.  When Casper Smart was busted cheating twice, she got drunk, and Waited To Exhale with Remni.  Jennifer woke up to find her toes curled, and Leah licking her poochie.  J- Ho felt weird at first, but eventually reciprocated the oral lust.